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Chiropractic Gahanna OH Football Injury

Research clearly shows that nearly 95% of all sports injuries as well as 80% of back and neck injuries are “mechanical” in nature. Mechanical in nature refers to a combination of strained muscles, ligaments, and joints. This is great news because there is a very high likelihood that you will benefit from the highly skilled manual “mechanical-based” therapies and rehabilitation that we provide.

Our non-surgical approach is unsurpassed because we have advanced training and over 25 years of experience. We utilize Active Release Technique, manual therapy, massage therapy, and rehab exercises in our treatment of your sports injury condition. If you suffer from sports injuries in Gahanna OH contact us today.

Helping Athletes Recover in Gahanna OH

For years we have been successfully treating common repetitive injuries such as plantar fasciitis, “runners knee”, IT band strains, tennis elbow, rotator cuff strains, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Sports chiropractors ensure that athletes return to peak performance and promote wellness care once correction has occurred.

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